DEUTZ® 913 Engine Series

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Deutz® 913 Series

Category: Rebuilt Engines

Available Engine Models:

  • F3L 913
  • F3L 913 G
  • F4L 913
  • BF4L 913
  • BF4L 913 C
  • F5L 913
  • BF6L 913
  • BF6L 913 C

We offer a rebuilt Deutz® engine exchange program, in which a qualified used core Deutz® engine can be exchanged for a professionally rebuilt one with a written warranty. We perform a complete tear-down and inspection, and we replace or recondition components to original iconctory specifications.

All our rebuilt engines include the following:

  • New or turned crankshaft
  • Completely rebuilt cylinder heads
  • New bearings & bushings
  • New pistons & rings
  • New oil pump
  • New turbochargers
  • New injector tips or injectors
  • New cylinder liners
  • Bore block and install new dry liners
  • Dynamometer run-in for all engines
  • Finished in gray primer and ready to be painted
  • Shipped palletized, I.D. tagged, and preservation wrapped
  • Six-Month / 1,000 Hour Warranty

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In addition to complete rebuilt engines, we also offer rebuild kits to our customers. We offer two kits (basic and major) for a simple rebuild or a complete overhaul. Our kits are detailed below:

Description Basic Kit Major Kit
Camshaft Bushing    
Exhaust Valve  
Fuel Filter  
Fuel Pump  
Gasket Kit
Head Bolt
Intake Valve  
Intermediate Ring Std
Main Bearing Std
Needle Sleeve-Rocker Arm  
Nozzle Bosch  
Oil Filter  
Oil Pump  
Piston Std
Rear Crankshaft Sleeve  
Rocker Arm Bushing  
Rod Bearing Std.
Rod Bolt
Rod Bushing  
Seat Insert Ring (Exhaust)  
Seat Insert Ring (Intake)  
Stop Ring Std.
Thrust Pad Rocker Arm  
Valve Cone  
Valve Guide  

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