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December 2019

Brand No. Description
Deutz D1110490 Chees Head Screw [EGR Valve] [OEM]
Deutz D1180728 Sleeve [Air Cleaner/Intake Manifold] [OEM]
Deutz D3370359 Plain Washer [EGR/Valve Housing Screw/Bolt] [OEM]
Deutz D4191148 Solenoid Valve [Fuel] F 4/6L 912 [OEM]
Deutz D4233015 Fuel Injector -  BF 4/6L 913/C [New Gen] [Bosch]
Deutz D4233029 Turbocharger - BF 6L 913C/914C [BorgWarner]
Deutz D4515120 Turbocharger - TCD 6.1 L6 AGRI [BorgWarner]
Iveco IV2996302 Gasket Kit [w/Cank. Seal & Valve Stem Seals]
Iveco IV500309014 Gasket [Valve Cover] Iveco F3BE0681 - CURSOR 13
Iveco IV500337911 Liner [Wet Cylinder Sleeve] CURSOR 13
Iveco IV504113130 Connecting Rod - FPT Iveco [Ø:36]
Deutz M4209555 Pulley - Fan Adapter - 2012
Deutz M4285598 Inlet Adapter [Fuel Injector]
Man MA51011106156 Main Bearing Set [STD] MAN D 2156 [6 Cyl.]
Man MA51024106086 Rod Bearing Set [STD] MAN D 2156/2356 [6 Cyl.]
Man MA51025017220 Piston Complete [121.0 MM] MAN D 2156 [6 Cyl.]
Mercedes MB0021882301 Oil Cooler - OM 444.901 [12 Cyl]
Mercedes MB3520540205 Push Rod [Valve] OM 300 Series
Mercedes MB4231801101 Oil Pump - OM 444.901 [12 Cyl]
Mercedes MB4420303317 Piston Complete [STD] OM 441/442 /443/444
Mercedes MB4720980080 Gasket [Intake Manifold]
Mercedes MB4760500025 Tappet [Valve] OM 400 Series
Mercedes MB826.677 Gasket Kit - OM 444.901 [12 Cyl]

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